New Indobatt

   PT. New Indobatt Energy Nusantara established on December 15, 2021 and began its operation since 2022. We produce automative battery were  previously produced by PT. Indobatt Industri Permai. Now with the rapid development of automative technology, PT. New Indobatt Energy Nusantara continoues to innovate to create products in accordance with the times to meet the needs of the domestic, foreign and industrial markets.

    Located in Krian, Sidoarjo, East Java, PT. New Indobatt Energy Nusantara equipped with production facilities that adopt the latest battery technology, such as Full Frame Diamond Wired technology in the casting process, and SuperCure Technology in the curing process. PT. New Indobatt Energy Nusantara is now ready to face the challenges of the global market in the battery industry in Indonesia and abroad. In addition to these production facilities, PT. New Indobatt Energy Nusantara also has a Research and Development laboratory to support new technological innovations in battery production. All facilities are operated by 131 professional and well-trained workforce.

    New Indobatt Energy Nusantara have met the ISO 9001:2015 for quality management system standard and ISO 14001:2015 for environment standard which has been maintained until now. 


To be customer’s first choice as a world-class energy storage manufacturer.


Producing and providing quality batteries through integrated business process to exceed market needs & wants.

Creating sustainable competitive advantage through the development of human resource and technology.

Ensuring all business operations meet quality management principles and environmentally friendly.

Maximizing stakeholder value.