Frequently Ask Question

  • What is the exact function of the car battery ?

    The car battery has 4 major functions, which is often stated as SLI (Starting, Lighting, and Ignition). Those functions define as follows:

    • To start the engine
    • To stabilize the pulsating DC power of the vehicle’s charging system
    • To provide power for lighting, radio, audio system, and other standard accessories.
    • To provide a back-up power to the vehicle’s electrical system when the charging system is not operating.

  • I found my battery covered by mold, what happen ?

    There are two possibilities. First one is when you install your battery, you screw the terminal too tight causing a wreckage in the pool. It enables the water to sneak out. The second reason could come from overfill of fluid, so when it vaporize, the fluid is pushed-out through the vent and then they stick at the pool.

  • Do I need to drain the battery fluid ?

    Absolutely not. It is understandable that you want to reap-out the sediment at the bottom level of the container, but once again, it is not necessary, more over if you use our battery since we use the envelope system, you’ll find no sediment. You only need to add the fluid to the specified limit.

  • My battery is inflate, seems like its ready to explode

    Oops, it could happen when the battery is over charging, just go to the nearest workshop and ask for help.

  • I equipped my car with great audio, can I use a bigger capacity of battery to support it ?

    Yes, you can use a bigger capacity of battery (but not too big).

  • What is the impact of excessive heat to the battery ?

    Hot temperatures will deteriorate a battery’s life quicker, through corroding and weakening of positive plate and through evaporating the fluid from the electrolyte.

  • Why it is a must to remove the ground wire first when I replace my battery ?

    Check the grounding system of your car before you what to replace the battery. If you dispatch the positive connector first in a negative ground system, it could be by any chance creating the spark, in a condition if the metal tools you’re using to remove the positive terminal make a contact with any piece of metal on the car. The worse case is it might create an ignition source that could make the battery to blow up.